Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uncharted 3!

The game actually came out 5 months ago and I'm putting these up now... sorry guys.
It's been very busy and tough last 6 months personally and I finally had a chance to organize the files to share with you guys. Unlike from U2, I was fully involved in Uncharted 3 from the pre-production and once again, it was a thrilling ride with awesome talents at Naughty Dog. On a side note, I left ND after U3 last year to join a team here at Marvel. Meaning, it'll be another long pause until the next update so hope you enjoy these for now. :)


Mihai Zainea said...

Great work! Love some of the images!
Good luck on the next project!

Isaac Barrett said...

Fantastic! So much information is in these images!

robin_chyo said...

awesome work! i especially love the last one!

Sabin Boykinov said...

wow, amazing color moods !
Wish you much success of your new challenges !

Jparked said...

fantastic work Andrew!!! And Congrats!!

Jordan said...

Amazing work, so inspiring!